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Experience is a TOP priority

We cannot wait to take care of you! Your experience at Park Slope Hair and Makeup begins as soon as you submit your appointment request using the button below. We will receive your appointment request, and then you will receive a welcome message to gather more details and ensure a seamless visit. 

Next, you will arrive and be welcomed by us, offered a beverage to make sure you are comfortable, and then we will begin your consultation. At this time, we will discuss your goals for this visit, and build a long term hair care plan that matches your lifestyle, budget, and ultimate #hairgoals. As you process, please enjoy your beverage or snack. Read a magazine, or color in an adult coloring book, or even just catch up on life or work using the complimentary WiFi.

If you are receiving color during your visit, we will develop your perfect formula, which will be saved in a computer database so that it is ready for your next visit, and we can maintain your hair history. If you are receiving a haircut, we will pick something together for your face shape, lifestyle, and commitment level and make sure you leave knowing how to style and take care of your look at home.

Following your visit, you may receive a follow up call to make sure you are still loving your new look, and answer any questions you have, or go back over your styling lesson.

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